Why buy text link ads, when you can buy Text Link Ads?

November 7th, 2006 | Categories: acquisitions

Just a short time ago, Text Link Ads (TLA) was acquired Text Link Ads logoby MediaWhiz. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

Though I’m not very familiar with MediaWhiz, I know they offer online marketing services. So it would seem like TLA is a good fit in their portfolio, assuming the price tag was reasonable. Apparently, this is only the first of a number of deals coming about at MediaWhiz.

TLA launched mid 2004 and since then has skyrocketed in popularity. Now hovering with an Alexa rank of around 1,000, the site has become very popular amongst the blogging community. TLA essentially provides a marketplace to buy and sell (yes, you guessed it) text link ads. So why the eccentric company name?

Recently, TLA launched a new service called Feedvertising, which allows publishers to place ads in their RSS feeds.

To read more about the acquisition, read this TechCrunch article or the press release.


  1. Marshall Says:

    With a title like that I was hoping to read something snarky!

  2. Aidan Says:

    Hey Marshall… thanks for stopping by.

    Sorry to disappoint, but I was in a hurry today. I have written many snarky posts in the past and expect more to come :)

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