Enquisite Launches Data Exports

November 22nd, 2006 | Categories: strategy

Local Victoria start-up Enquisite has launched data exports for their search engine web analytics program. An official announcement will be made in the next few days.Enquisite logo

Their flagship analytics tool provides ‘flexible and detailed search engine traffic and search engine positioning reports, in an easy to read and understand format’.

With the addition of this new feature, users will quickly and easily be able to access, review and download reports into Excel. The reports were in high demand by users and will help facilitate the manipulation and modification of the data. The ability to customize and “build your own” interface were key components when designing the feature.

I had the opportunity to speak with Enquisite CEO, Richard Zwicky, on the phone and he was very enthusiastic about this new feature. In an e-mail, he went on to say:

“So, by making the processed data downloadable, we’re empowering our users to enable them to create customized reports, as they need them available.  We’ll continue to create features and reports that users ask for, but some things that users want today, we just can’t do.  For example, one user wants to be able to extract specific information on traffic week over week, and graph just that one piece of information as a trend over time chart.  We’ll get there, but now he doesn’t have to wait – we’ve given him the raw data which he can import into Excel, and process to look exactly how he wants it.  Another user wants to track groups of keywords from specific engines.  Again, we’ll get there, but can’t do it today.  Now, she can get that one additional report she wants.”

I have implemented this software on numerous websites and I have been absolutely blown away by its functionality and ease-of-use. Furthermore, Enquisite is currently offering the software at no cost. To qualify for the BETA user group, fill out this form. There are no guarantees, but Richard has been very generous with his invitations.

I encourage everyone to check out this software, if only to become aware of its functionality. Somewhere down the road it may be of use to you if it isn’t already.

I know I’m pumping this tool, but I use it a lot and I’m a true believer in its functionality - plus it’s FREE. Anyways, I’ll let you make your own conclusions. If you have a website, try it… and let me know your thoughts.

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