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December 9, 2006

Say Hello to Plugoo

Tags: blogs, off topic, chat, widgets — Aidan @ 10:37 pm

Plugoo logoAs many of you have noticed, I have recently added a new chat widget - some have already messaged me using the system. I am going to continue using this Plugoo widget, instead of the previous InCircles widget, as it is compatible with IM clients. In other words, I can chat with a blog visitor using my MSN Messenger client; I do not have to chat from within the blog. This was a downside of InCircles.

With Plugoo, I am able to connect with more readers and provide a more interactive experience. So please do not hesitate to drop me a message. If the chat box indicates that I am offline, you can still leave a message that I will receive when I sign on. Very cool.

Customization, cross-platform flexibility (across the different IM clients), and slick design all contribute to the overall appeal of the app.

The widget is still in BETA and only available via invite, but I signed up and received an invitation relatively quick.

I once again encourage everyone to join in on the discussion and express your views. I am always eager to hear other opinions. Blogging is all about discovering new perspectives and insights beyond your current realm of knowledge.

And as always, anyone can comment on any post… so let’s get chattin’. Hello to Plugoo digg:Say Hello to Plugoo reddit:Say Hello to Plugoo

2 Responses to “Say Hello to Plugoo”

  1. Tony Says:

    That’s pretty cool. What IM clients does it support? (More specifically - Adium)

    I find your current widget’s position to be way too low on the page. It should be up here, next to “Leave a Reply”!

  2. Aidan Says:

    Hey Tony,

    I just logged into my Plugoo account, but I can’t seem to locate exactly which IM clients the app supports. Personally, I signed up using MSN Messenger and it is my guess that this is the only step where you can see all the available IM clients. I believe I saw Adium, but don’t hold me to it. I would either sign up or e-mail the company.

    Also, I’m going to move the chat widget up the page so more people start to use it. Drop me a message sometime when you get a chance.


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