Ode to Web 2.0

December 27th, 2006 | Categories: off topic


Twas’ the days after Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a peripheral plugged in,

Well maybe a mouse.


I checked out the headlines,

On Reddit and Digg,

Downed more rum and egg nog,

And ate like a pig.


I called a few friends,

Cheaply using Skype,

Scorned at ‘web 3.0′,

Ignoring the hype.


I laughed at some vids,

on YouTube and Revver,

Signed up at PayPerPost,

Not once, no way, never.


Expanding my knowledge,

I read at Wikipedia,

Then check out travel deals,

At LastMinute and Expedia.


I log in to post,

Using this tool WordPress,

My Feedburner stats,

Are anyone’s guess.


I read some new feeds,

As I’m in Bloglines,

And check out my visitors,

On MyBlogLog some time.


Then hit up Technorati,

And Craigslist and Flickr,

As I scurry the new web,

Firefox is much quicker.


My poetry skills,

Are useless at best,

I hope you enjoyed this,

And forever God bless.


PS. I know the syllable counts don’t match. I just figured a fun, casual poem might bring about some Christmas cheer.

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