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January 10, 2007

MappingTheWeb Debuts at a PageRank 5

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Google logoToday, MappingTheWeb debuted at a Google PageRank of 5. Patiently, I’ve waited until the Google algorithm re-adjusted. Up until today, the PageRank read 0. This didn’t sound reasonable. Nonetheless, this new iteration finally provided some clarity. Hopefully this will help drive more search traffic to the site and provide added exposure.

What does PageRank really mean to me?

PageRank paints a picture over time. An increase indicates a rising number of back-links (and vice versa). This also means that people are enjoying my content - this makes me happy. I am simply going to continue to write (what I hope to be) useful, interesting, and insightful content that readers can not only absorb, but respond to as well.

Thanks to all those who have linked to my page and enjoy the posts. Debuts at a PageRank 5 digg:MappingTheWeb Debuts at a PageRank 5 reddit:MappingTheWeb Debuts at a PageRank 5

13 Responses to “MappingTheWeb Debuts at a PageRank 5”

  1. Eric Berlin Says:

    Was your site even indexed by google (yet) when you were PR zero?

    I would absolutely love it if some former Google employee would bust out with a behind the scenes book on how page rank is employed, tweaked, etc. One strange thing is that your page rank can stay at the same number but your relative rank (and the traffic that stems from it) can still vary pretty widely.

    On the other hand, when you go up by a single number, it’s very obvious by the new wave of site visitors!

  2. Aidan Says:


    My site was definitely indexed by Google when I had a PageRank 0. This was apparent in my referral stats.

    As long as you have a few back-links to your blog or site, you will be indexed automatically by the search engines. A common SEO myth is that you have to submit your site to Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc… This is definitely not the case.

    To further clarify my point about PageRank, let it be known that just because the Google toolbar reads 0 at any given point, doesn’t mean the PageRank is ACTUALLY 0. It may simply mean that the algorithm hasn’t reset yet. The toolbar simply displays the last known PR.

    For example, let’s say Google re-adjusts the system every 3 months and during the last adjustment I was bumped from 0 to 3. Now, over the next three months, my PageRank doesn’t sit at 3 the whole time then jump to 4, 5, or 6. It gradually changes and the algorithm takes this into consideration. But the visual indicators like Google toolbar or other tools simply display the last known PR. So, I may jump to 4 after one month and 5 after two months, but my PageRank may still read a 3 until the next adjustment.

    I hope this makes sense (and I’m not totally out to lunch).


  3. Tony Says:

    Congrats Aidan!

    I’ve only moved up from PR0 to PR1, but it’s a start.

  4. Aidan Says:

    Thanks Tony.

    You’ll be at a PR10 in no time. I have faith ;)

    It appears that my PR has jumped back to 0. I hope that’s just for the time being…

    *nervously paces back and forth, back and forth…*


  5. Mike Tan Says:

    Congratulations Aidan! Keep the awesome posts coming!

  6. Aidan Says:

    Thanks Mike.

  7. Tony Says:

    haha, yes, PR10 - as soon as my backlink count hits 9 digits. Does anyone know of any PR10 domain other than itself?

  8. Aidan Says:


    There are probably about fifteen or so PR10 sites.

    Here are the most popular off the top of my head:

    Adobe -
    Apple -
    Macromedia -
    New York Times -
    Real -

    My guess is that three of those are PR10 because of plug-in back-links (i.e. Acrobat, Flash, Real Player).

    For a complete list of all the PR10 sites, visit


  9. Tony Says:

    Ah, rather interesting. Thx :)

  10. Trenton Says:

    Congrats buddy! Keep the good content coming.

  11. Friedbeef's Tech Says:

    I’m waiting patiently for mine to be updated - I hope it moves past it’s current PR3

  12. Tony Says:

    Heads up, apparently Google is doing updates… again?

    Seems like I’m being bumped up from PR1 to PR3, sweet!

  13. Aidan Says:

    Way to go Tony! I’ll keep my eyes open for changes.

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