Cash or Trash: MySpace

January 16th, 2007 | Categories: cash or trash

Today’s “Cash or Trash” company is MySpace.

MySpace logo

If you are unfamiliar with Cash or Trash, here is a quick rundown:

In every post, I will name a well-known web 2.0 company. Readers will then have to decide whether the company is worth investing in or whether it’s doomed for bankruptcy. In other words, would you invest cash in the company or do you think it should be thrown in the trash?

Provide a brief argument as to why or why not you would invest in the company in the comments. Debating and arguing is highly recommended and encouraged, as long as arguments are well sought-out and thorough.

A couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Determine whether you would invest at TODAY’S valuation. Forget past growth. In other words, do you still think the company has a lot of upside potential?
  • Don’t treat your ‘cash’ like play money. Would you actually see yourself investing in the company if given the opportunity to purchase shares?
  • If you are not familiar with the company or service, refrain from posting until you try the service.


  1. Aran Says:

    Hey Dude,

    Sorry didnt get back to you but I quit smoking and got pretty sick after that… Should be good to go next week.

  2. Tony Says:


    Everyone is bashing MySpace and their “popularity” is falling off. Sure, they might float around for quite a while due to their shear current size, but suddenly start pulling in new profits? I don’t think so.

    Any major restructure (and although those are badly needed) are very risky with the current majority of the userbase, and are likely to send the company to its doom if executed poorly.

  3. Chris Says:

    MySpace is a Sell.

  4. Steven Campbell Says:

    The “geek world” has been commenting about the horridness of MySpace, and I really don’t think it has any potential. Sure, they’ve got tons of users, but as for further growth, I see none. It will be lingering around for a while, but will ultimately fail.


    But that’s also because I have…unresolved conflicts with MySpace.

  5. Edrei Says:

    Cash. As much as we hate MySpace for it’s immaturity and mass stupidity, we cannot deny it’s stupidly huge fanbase and we often forget that the majority of the users aren’t geeks like us. They aren’t appreciate the poetry of code so they flock to the closest thing. Crap or not, the money is where the ignorant masses are and MySpace is where they gather on the net.

  6. Weefz Says:

    Short-term? Cash. I think there’s some life in it for at least another year, though I’m not sure how or where it comes from.

    Long term? Trash. The current generation of fans will grow up and move on to something less… hideous. More user-friendly and functional. I hope.

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