New Name for Web 2.0

January 20th, 2007 | Categories: off topic

Many critics shun the term ‘web 2.0′. This is understandable, although I do feel there may be room for a term to describe a new web experience focused around user-contribution and social media. Or maybe a term isn’t needed? What do you think?

I tend to use the term “The New Web”. It works for me and isn’t overly cliched. Although I dread a time when “The Newer Web” or “The New & Improved Web” come along.

As a side note, many techies are already mentioning the term ‘web 3.0′. Yikes. This may be a sign that we are actually in a bubble (which I still don’t believe). Although, acceptance is the first step in AA…

In any case, let me know your thoughts. If you have a different name suggestion, be sure to mark it down. If you don’t think a term is needed, let us know why.


  1. Ralph Dagza Says:

    I tend to use the term

    “Web applications”

  2. Aidan Says:

    Nice Ralph ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll stick with Web++ since the web is ever evolving. And yes I coined that phrase.

  4. Scrivs Says:

    Whoops, obviously I wasn’t trying to remain anonymous.

  5. Aidan Says:


    Do I sense some shameless self-promotion? Ah well, it’s only healthy every once in awhile. And why not take the credit for such a fantastic term? ;)

    In any case, it’s a pleasure to be a part of the 9rules network and more importantly, the Web++ category.


    PS. Does Web+++ come next? What about Web++++?

  6. Tony Says:

    Aidan, ++ is a common programming operator.

    Web++ equates to Web = Web + 1, meaning the next version (play on C++)

    And yes, we’re so in a Bubble 3.1 !

  7. Aidan Says:

    Yikes !!!

  8. Yihong Ding Says:

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  9. Justin Kistner Says:

    I actually like the term Web 2.0. I know people hate it, but it does provide a common nomenclature for discussing the social web, CSS, and the post dot com crash trends. I would say the disdain came from the early misuse of the term, but I think we’re passed that now. I think those who still hate it are just mad because they don’t like marketers treading on their 31337 territory.

  10. Webby’s World » Introducing Posts of the Week Says:

    […] Mapping the Web did a post a bit like our What is Web 2.0? but suggested instead of calling it Web 2.0 we should call it The New Web; he did see a problem in that term nonetheless: I tend to use the term “The New Web”. It works for me and isn’t overly cliched. Although I dread a time when “The Newer Web” or “The New & Improved Web” come along. […]

  11. James Says:

    I tend to call it the Next Gen of Web Design personally. It has more of an impact with my clients so far.

  12. steve clayton Says:

    i like web 2.0 and think the people who say it’s passe are just keen to move on to the next round of cool aloofness as the term hits mainstream usage. i’ve found evidence of everything up to web 8.0 so far!

  13. Aidan Says:

    Wow Steve. Web 8.0 hey? I’m getting nauseated just thinking about that…

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