TutorLinker Links Tutors with Students

February 9th, 2007 | Categories: AJAX, markets, networks

With such a wild, outlandish domain, it’s makes you wonder how they came up with the name TutorLinker for a service that links tutors with students.

Californian college student Sol Eun and a friend built the mash-up to help tutors connect with students for free. Revenues are generated via Google AdSense and Paypal donations. Sol says:

“TutorLinker is a tool which helps you find a tutor in your area for your tutoring needs. It uses the Google Maps API to locate tutors in students’ neighborhood in other words, students can find local tutors by simply typing their address.”

Apparently, the site and service is designed as such because the location of tutors is an important factor in the decision-making process.

An added feature in the inclusion of a ’driving range’. No, not like at a golf course. When a user types in an address, the service automatically locates every nearby tutor and provides directions. In addition, driving distance is calculated and appears by simply hovering the mouse over the tutor’s icon.

Be sure to check out the service, if not for its actual use, then for its coolness as a mash-up.

PS. Find out about updates by reading the TutorLinker blog.

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