Flicker.com for Sale

May 3rd, 2007 | Categories: off topic, strategy

Recently, the domain www.Flicker.com went up for sale. Obviously the site receives a lot of unqualified traffic from users trying to reach the misspelled photo-sharing site Flickr. The domain (with the proper spelling) claims it receives over 150,000 uniques per month via direct website visits. Let me iterate yet again that this traffic is unqualified and usually looking for the misspelled sibling.

In any case, someone is bound to buy the property sooner or later. Obviously Yahoo, who owns Flickr, would seem like an ideal candidate. The search engine giant would then redirect all the traffic to the appropriate photo-sharing property. But my guess is that this is exactly what the owners of Flicker.com want - they are looking to fleece Yahoo for as much money as possible.

The second possibility is that some sort of photo/camera/digital media presence is established on the property. That way, the unqualified traffic looking for Flickr may become qualified traffic and stay a second to further investigate. If an appropriate revenue model can be implemented, there may be a valid case for a purchase.

According to the site, six offers have been put forth already. They range from $10,000 to $90,000, in ascending order. All have been declined. Apparently, the seller is holding out for a price tag in the six-digits. But at what point will he/she decide to sell? $100,000? $200,000? $500,000? My guess is that the seller wants a juicy offer and won’t sell for any less. Bah… you gotta love capitalism.


  1. Pete Says:

    One hundred million dollars!

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    […] Doména Flicker.com, kterou její současný majitel koupil v červenci 2006 za 55 000 dolarů, je na prodej. […]

  3. AhmedF Says:

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this - they had flicker.com before flickr existed. They can do whatever they want, including asking $500k.

  4. tommy vitola Says:

    “they had flicker.com before flickr existed”


    Check more closely. The owner now claims he rents office space to flickr. Check schillings blog at 7 mile. While the whois may show the reg predates the flickr reg the fact is that was the original registration date of the domain name which was NOT updated when the new owner sal sharid sheppard whatever his name is acquired the name. The truth is out there!

  5. AhmedF Says:

    My comment came across wrong.

    I know sal (actual name Sahar). He blogs here (and is a friend of Frank Schilling from 7mile): http://www.conceptualist.com/

    Anyhoo - the point is that flicker.com existed before Flickr. The ownership is not the question here. Flickr created their website knowing all to well that flicker.com existed (ie Del.icio.us - it cost them $100k to buy delicious.com).

    The owner of flicker.com can do whatever he wants - I’m sure with Yahoo moving towards using Flickr as their primary photo site, he will make a killing (perfectly timed eh!)

  6. Sahar Sarid Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint you but I don’t own the domain, never have.

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  8. Somone Says:

    March 20TH 2008 Thursday

    comment what would be the main reason for flicker.com to be taken off the mail web-site line.
    if someone has something intrestian to keep as theres and refuse to share photos with others. Well it just have to rejected for the simple facts that every personal photos are not download for other people to know nor showed any information be sold are stolen. No showed allow themselves to be force to sell there photos for security nor saftey of someone she doesn’t like or get long with.

    Somone Wyatt
    [email protected]

  9. Example Says:

    Based on my experience, Flickr actually is not a great way to share photos with family and friends - it’s much worse than Yahoo Photos used to be. The main problem is that it’s not easy to share a group of photos without creating a permanent, separate “set.” For those who like to send around groups of photos, the number of “sets” you need to create quickly gets too large, and they become unmanageable.

    Flickr should allow you to use Organizr to create a group of photos and send them using Yahoo Mail, without having to create a permanent set. This would make the service a lot more useful for sharing purposes.

    Having said this, you can work around this problem by installing the Flickr application from within Yahoo Mail. That application isn’t as easy to use as Organizr, but it does allow you to send groups of photos without creating a permanent set.

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  11. What is a Domain Name Hack? | Domain Industry News Says:

    […] buying the photo sharing service flickr.com in 2005, and almost five years later paying another six figures for the correct spelling of the name, flicker.com, which was reportedly receiving 3.6 million […]

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