Guess the Price: Zenter

June 23rd, 2007 | Categories: guess the price

Today, I am inaugurating a new series of posts entitled “Guess the Price”. These short posts will appear when a start-up is bought for an undisclosed price. At this point, readers simply ‘guess the price’ they think the start-up was purchased for. Justification is not required, but is encouraged. Having said that, let the games begin…

“Guess the price” Google paid for:


Note: I do NOT know the acquisition price, so your guess is as good as mine. But I’d wager yours is better ;)



  1. Bryan Says:

    My guess is $3mil to $8mil.

    I’ve heard that Google pays $5mil to $20mil for companies when they are buying them very early and mainly for the employees.

    I bet they wouldn’t want to go above $10mil for the stage it was in. The founders probably didn’t push as hard as they could have and wouldn’t have received the upper end.

  2. Aidan Says:

    My guess is $2-3 million…

    My justification:
    -Company was only started 6 months ago
    -Only 2 founders/employees
    -Product hadn’t even launched publicly

    Just my two bits…


  3. Friedbeef Says:

    Aidan … 1-2 for the same reason!

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