UserSubmitter - I Don’t Digg it

October 3rd, 2006 | Categories: markets, social media

Just when you thought the web was corrupt enough (see previous post on PayPerPost), another evil company pops up with bad intentions. In this case, I am talking about UserSubmitter. I first read about this company on Read/Write Web and Richard MacManus strongly disagrees with their practices as well. I like his use of words to describe the company - ‘pond scum’. Very fitting.

The premise of UserSubmitter is the following: the company pays Digg users $0.50 for Digg logoevery 5 stories they digg. From the opposite side of the spectrum, companies or individuals can pay $20 per story, plus $1 per digg. In other words, UserSubmitter is creating a monetary Digg marketplace system. This not only skews Digg’s results, but also jeopardizes the entire premise of the service.

Why are people doing this? Obviously money is the motivation, but at what point do morals and ethics come into play? Scoundrels like the guys behind UserSubmitter need to take a look in the mirror and realize what they are doing. Once again, I hate to sounds cynical, but I see the Internet as an avenue for growth and opportunity, not neglect and misrepresentation. But as is the case with any social system, it will be exploited and there will always be those who are looking to make the quick, easy buck.

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