Web 2.0 Rumour Mill - Canadian Style

November 15th, 2006 | Categories: acquisitions, financing, social media, strategy

Acquisition rumours have been swirling throughout the web 2.0 world in recent days. Two start-ups, BubbleShare and StumbleUpon, have been noted as being possible take-over targets in the very near future.

First up, TechCrunch reports that BubbleShare has been in talks with News Corp., the BubbleShare logoparent company of MySpace. Details and information is still very preliminary, but the deal is rumoured to be under $5 million. The Toronto-based photo sharing start-up is only about two years old.

Check out GigaOM and Maple Leaf 2.0 for more info on the possibility of a deal.

Second up, we have StumbleUpon, an Alberta-based start-up which has relocated to the StumbleUpon logoValley. Reports indicate that the company recently approached at least one possible company to be acquired. The company is looking for $50 million.

No concrete details of any deal have been disclosed and the CEO refused to comment on the rumours. It will be interesting and exciting to watch this innovative, successful company continue to prosper.

It’s great to see all the attention focused on a few aspiring Canadian start-ups. I hope this trend continues as there are many tech gems in Canada that our neighbours down south are unaware of.


  1. Andy Says:

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    tell me what do I du

  2. Aidan Says:


    You need the magic recipe:

    1) Start an Internet company.
    2) Build up hype (not so much traffic).
    3) Sell to Google or Yahoo.
    4) Repeat.

    You’ll be a billionaire in no time. Good luck.


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