Not Your Typical Playground

November 25th, 2006 | Categories: off topic, strategy, trends

This isn’t your average walk in the park. You won’t see any kids running around. This playground is where the big boys come to play.

Two serial entrepreneurs, Mark Dowds and Bobby John, are opening what they call an Indoor Playground logo“Indoor Playground”. This hotbed of resources, creative minds, and an entrepreneurial setting was created to help spark creativity within the Toronto tech community. This local ‘hang-out’ will facilitate the exchange of ideas and form a catalyst for many. I really look forward to seeing the evolution of this hub and how it comes to fruition.

Full-timers, part-timers, and drop-ins will enter and exit the facility on a regular basis, making it a very dynamic centre with huge amounts of resources circulating at all times.

The space itself is 2,000 square feet and located at 364 Richmond St West (Richmond and Peter). Renovations are nearly complete. It stands on the fifth floor and houses an outstanding view of the city. The expected launch date is sometime in January.

The community forum (at Ning) can be found here.

Sponsors will be approached to help offset some of the costs.

I’ve always had the idea of doing something similar down the road once my financial position was a little more secure. It’s great to see someone actually doing it. I wish them all the best and I can’t wait to see the projects that stem from this playground.

I can’t wait til we see this type of facility in Victoria…

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