Oprius Launches E-mail

December 5th, 2006 | Categories: launch, strategy

DISCLOSURE: I am a consultant for Oprius, but I am not getting paid to post this. I report the news and try to remain unbiased. Nonetheless, I suggest everyone check out the product for themselves.

Canadian-based Oprius Software has launched its newest feature - a full-fledged e-mail system. This new functionality is the most sophisticated and robust feature to date.Oprius logo

The company is targeting network marketing distributors and the ‘MLM’ crowd. Their package will offer a bundled set of organization, communication, and CRM tools.

Up until now, all services and tools have been offered at no charge. This addition, however, will entail a price tag as it is a premium feature. The first 30 days are free to everyone. After an introductory month, pricing works as follows:

  • $5 per month (month-to-month basis)
  • $4 per month (three month basis)
  • $3 per month (six month basis)

Not exactly expensive.

This new e-mail functionality will facilitate list mailing and the ability to check and send messages from multiple e-mail accounts all from within your Oprius account. Other important e-mail features include contact information synchronization and an archiving system.

I look forward to using this new feature and watching how it integrates into the current offering. I think it’s a big step for the company and a good sign of things to come.

Last month, they launched an embeddable contact widget. I covered that story here: Oprius Launches Widgets.

For additional info on the current launch, click here: Oprius e-mail launch

For screenshots of the new system, visit the original Oprius e-mail launch post


  1. ventureblogalist Says:

    Just found your blog and really enjoy it.

    How is the product specifically geared to MLM versus other email CRM products?

  2. Aidan Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. I think I will let Alan, co-founder of Oprius, handle this one :)


  3. Alan Smith Says:

    The big difference is this is only the beginning! What we have built is the foundation for what is coming. We identified early on that the standard CRM packages out there, although powerful, are not designed to handle the work flow of the average network marketing distributor, or are to complex and hard to use. So we have launched the foundations platform as a base to add specific tools for Network Marketers that integrate into foundations in a way that standard CRM system can not do.

    We also noticed some short comings in the standard CRM applications that we defined as necessary for the network marketing distributor like automated follow-ups where the system recognizes that you haven’t touched base with someone for a month and automatically schedules a to-do for you to call them. Also easy to use and maintain email lists, and emails being automatically attached to the contact’s history that they came from. So we added some great new functionality to the standard CRM and are launching a set of tools specifically designed for network marketing work flow on top of that CRM.

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