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February 5th, 2007 | Categories: networks, off topic, social media

Clicky logoI’ve been messing with a lot of web analytic programs recently. I’ve been disappointed with some, but surprised by others. Most notably, I’ve used Google Analytics, 103 bees, Enquisite, MyBlogLog, and my default web hosting stats. Then along came Clicky

I’m definitely not saying that this is the best web analytics tool ever made, but it’s a simple, effective solution to what many believe to be a complicated process. Clicky is essentially a free, real-time web analytics tool. Yes, it’s free and real-time.

Once logged in, there are 6 main pages. The default start page provides an overview of the past couple days or weeks. Subsequent secondary pages include “Visitors”, “Clicks”, “Links”,  “Searches”, and “Pages”. The interface is extremely clean, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Navigation is a breeze. I think this is the reason I like the system so much. Plus, set-up simply involves creating an account and pasting a piece of JavaScript code in yor HTML.

Obviously the system tracks the de facto numbers such as page views, uniques, and visits. But it has a few added features that may be of use:

  • An IP blocker can be used to mask internal site use.
  • Web statistic RSS feeds can be pulled.
  • Numerous sites can be monitored off the same dashboard.
  • The date, time, and target page of every click are displayed.

… just to name a few.

Like I say, try it out and see for yourself. It’s free and easy to implement.

Google Analytics seems to be the stand-out web statistic solution at this point. But Clicky is a small solution that is super easy-to-use and very useful. Enquisite, 103 bees, and MyBlogLog are all useful as well, but in their respective areas of strength.

I’ve also dabbled with AW Stats in the past. However, I have yet to try Mint, so don’t grill me on this just yet.

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  1. Sean Says:

    Thanks for the review! One other feature that’s just about done (but not quite - still has a few bugs - will debut soon) is the Spy mode, which is actually a real time display of clicks on your web site. There is a delay of up to 5 seconds from when a click happens to when it shows up on the Spy page, but that’s about as real time as you can get. The rest of our site is actually delayed up to 10 minutes from an action to when you can see it, but that’s still better than any other analyzer that I know of :)

    Your site might not get enough traffic to make this feature very exciting, but you can check out the demo of Spy running on our own statistics (link below). Like I said there are a few bugs, every once in a while it will just stop dead - but I know what’s causing it so it ain’t no thang. It will be live to everyone within a few days.

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