Time vs. Web Applications

April 15th, 2007 | Categories: networks, off topic, social media

People only have a certain amount of time in a given day. Trade-offs must be made. There is an opportunity cost to every decision. For this very reason, people must limit their daily use of web applications to the few essential apps.

Let’s say, for example, you have 2 hours of free time per day you can spend online. You could spend 1 hour on two different apps. You could spend the full 2 hours on one app. You could even spend 20 minutes on six different apps. The point is that any new start-up wants to be part of the Internet user’s daily routine. Furthermore, the larger the dependance and percentage of Internet usage spent on that app is also very important.

Personally, a portion of each day is spent on:

and often on…

In any case, web app dependance is what every company fights for. They want constant, consistent page views and app usage. Furthermore, they want users to tell their friends and get them to join. This is the reason social networks can build and become successful so quick. Their inherent nature bodes well for ‘viral marketing’. And once a network hits a critical mass or tipping point, even non-users must join as the majority of friends use the system and it becomes essential to a social life.

Other services become more valuable and powerful with an increased user base, although they are not as prone to viral growth. Craigslist and Wikipedia are two good examples.

Let me know the apps that make up your day…


  1. Trenton Says:

    For me it’s social networks (facebook, myspace), web based mail clients (gmail, hotmail, uvic webmail) and upload/host sites (youtube, dailymotion), each of which has tipped at some point.

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