Joost Ridiculous - $45 Million A Round

First, Joost logoNiklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis created KaZaa. Next, they re-invented the wheel and developed Skype. Today, they announced a $45 million round of financing for their newest venture - Joost. This number seems a little ridiculous for an A round, but who am I to talk? Their track record says it all. These guys could have started a social network for poodle owners and still raised the same amount of money.

After two big successes already, investors lined up to finance their newest endeavour. I’m sure they were all drooling and itching to get in on this new project. Furthermore, I’m guessing that the Joost boys got everything on their terms, including a premium valuation. Successful players in the deal included Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, Viacom, CBS, and Li Ka-shing. Perhaps Ka-shing will change his name to KA-CHING if this investment pays off. I just hope I can get a chunk of the IPO one day…

Hey… I have an idea for a series that could be streamed via Joost. The series would be focused around two superheroes who like causing chaos, re-inventing the wheel, and making a lot of money in the process. They would call it ‘The Disruptors’. Need I say who the main characters would be?

These European boys have a passion for disrupting the party and stirring up sh!t. Nevertheless, their strategic intuition, superior branding skills, and forward-thinking abilities cannot be ignored. I can’t wait to see their fourth venture. And this time I want a piece…

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    […] Si tratta di un esperimento di TV Peer-to-peer su Internet nato dalla premiata coppia Janus Friis e Niklas Zennström (che sono i papà anche Kazaa e Skype), grazie ad un investimento di 45 milioni di dollari da parte di Sequoia, Index, CBS e Viacom. Si tratta di scaricare un programma, nel cui petto batte un cuore di software libero firmato Mozilla, mentre la registrazione è per ora solo su invito. La programmazione è ovviamente tutta in inglese e per ora un po’ limitata a documentari, science fiction, cartoni e roba tipo Guinness dei primati. […]

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