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July 19th, 2007 | Categories: guess the price

The “Guess the Price” series of posts explores the fascinating world of Internet acquisitions. These short posts will appear when a start-up is bought for an undisclosed price. At this point, readers simply ‘guess the price’ they think the start-up was purchased for. Justification is not required, but is encouraged.

“Guess the price” TechCrunch paid for:


Note: I do NOT know the acquisition price, so your guess is as good as mine. But I’d wager yours is better ;)


  1. Anthony Says:

    I’d say $25000-$30000. Is such a great idea and implementation but could be easily replicated and still has a small a user base.

  2. Aidan Says:


    You’re right. Brian Benzinger of just pointed me to the following link and informed me that the acquisition price was $25,000:


  3. Anthony Says:

    That’s so cool. Frantic bidding on 6 day old web site. That’s so awesome though. Shows if you’ve got great ideas you can get recognized so quickly.

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