Does Facebook REALLY Have Any Competitors?

July 31st, 2007 | Categories: networks, off topic, social media, trends

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With all due respect, I have used to have accounts at hi5, Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, and several other social networks, but I found them obsolete. Facebook is the cream of the crop - by a long shot. Second place is miles behind.

Now, I know many of you are sick of hearing about Facebook (as am I). But there are very important lessons to be learned from this social network that cannot be overlooked. The insights and knowledge are priceless. Therefore, I proceed…

Although Facebook does get grouped with the other social networks (SNs) above, are they all really in the same league? I mean really… none of the other SNs make sense like Facebook does. The proof is in the pudding: it seems that the other guys are now copying Facebook and/or trying to become more Facebook-esque. It was bound to happen.

Why is Facebook unrivalled?

  1. The people on my ‘Friends’ list are actually my friends. The same cannot be said for the other SNs.
  2. The Facebook interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. I get lost on the other SNs. The clutter gives me a headache.
  3. The other guys try to do too much. If I am looking for scrapbooks or comedy, I’ll look elsewhere. Facebook has focused on connecting people and ignored superfluous features.

There are other factors that play into my decision, but these are the most important. Facebook really has created a “social utility that connects you with the people around you”. Amazing concept? Not so much. Brilliant execution? Absolutely.

Enough said.


  1. pokebook Says:

    There is offcourse pokebook…an upcoming trendsetter…Pokebook aims to be for dating specifically and the fact its 100% free unlike other companies charging loads for similar services. The growing features available will make it different. Go to Pokebook now

  2. Jeffrey Keefer Says:

    You know, Aidan, I am not sold on Facebook. I do not find it easy to navigate at all and, if anything, find the options and the new navigation dropdowns that change and open depending on what main section you are on very confusing. No two pages seem to resemble one another, as the options and customizations make things so open to differences. The way you describe the connecting people makes it sound like a dating site. What other ways have you connected?

    While I am not sold on it, I will be open to hearing somebody (anybody) saying anything about it beyond it’s nice to send Tweets or write on a friend’s wall or meet lots of people . . .

    Perhaps I am being too hard on it; after all, it was made for college students to meet one another, and now the shiny object syndrome folks are focused on it . . .

  3. The wonderful world of Keith Mania » Does Facebook REALLY Have Any Competitors? Says:

    […] Interesting Blog Post about Facebook. Since i use it and i know many others who do as well, I think this is a good more | digg story […]

  4. Artur Says:

    Weak arguments.
    And for me is obvious that you prefer Facebook other than Orkut, for example, only by the fact that you are used to it.
    I use orkut and I have the same opinion that you have against other SNs but against Facebook. It is just a matter of getting used to the system.

  5. vRoman Says:

    The fact that something is “intuitive” is not a reason to support it. This word is overused within software development circles. What is “intuitive” is completely subjective and irrelevant to this topic. I was on facebook and found it to be a network full of frivolity and utter nonsense. It is better suited for junior high and high school kids than for adults. In fact, the adults who post stupid quips like “I’m tired and going to bed soon” sound just like junior high students. Facebook is a good site…in its class. But unless I want to regress to a time when my last baby tooth was just falling out, I pass on facebook. Facebook is a site for the frivilous.

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