My Favourite Blogs and Why

October 30th, 2007 | Categories: blogs, networks, off topic, social media

Being a blogger, people always ask me which blogs I read. More specifically, some ask which are my favourites. Today I had a look at my feed reader and narrowed the list down to a handful. Let me preface by saying that I am biased to web 2.0 blogs that focus on analysis (rather than up-to-the-minute news). Furthermore, I tip my cap to those who choose to express personal opinion and take a clear stance on an issue. Simply regurgitating TechCrunch or Mashable news is lame. Providing a wishy-washy, unclear vantage point that tends to support both sides of a story or issue is lame as well. Having set the stage, here is my list:

Mathew Ingram’s Blog - This is perhaps my favourite blog of them all. Mathew Ingram is a technology reporter for the Globe & Mail - and it shows. His professional style, research, and compelling story lines are unmatched. Add to that a clever sense of humour, and Ingram has created an impressive style that cannot be found anywhere else.

Deep Jive Interests - DJI is all about web 2.0 and opinion. Tony Hung holds nothing back when he expresses his take on the new-web world. Frequently posting about social media, his honest, insightful style is truly unique.

Read/WriteWeb - All bias aside (I blog occasionally for R/WW), this blog provides high-quality, comprehensive start-up and trend analysis. The blog is the mastermind of Richard MacManus and takes on a more technical perspective when compared to other web 2.0 heavyweights.

Maple Leaf 2.0 - This Canadian web 2.0 gem is written my Mark Evans, a former writer at the National Post. His informative, yet quirky style produces a one-of-a-kind read for those looking to find out what is going on in the world of Canadian web 2.0 start-ups.

Solution Watch - Solution Watch is quite possibly provides the most complete, in-depth analysis of all web 2.0 blogs. It was one of the first to profile new companies and has remained very focused on this area. The only downfall is that posting is infrequent at best. Nevertheless, kudos to the author - Brian Benzinger.

Center Networks - Center Networks combines the best of analysis and news to churn out some really interesting articles. Allen Stern digs into issues and provides no-holds-barred opinions. Truly, CN is a good read.

At the end of the day, a blog is only as good as the writer. I have true admiration for all of the writers above. Their creativity and passion have sparked my enthusiasm on countless occasions and provided me with a new perspective.

Don’t be upset if I didn’t list your blog. I read a lot of feeds day to day. Perhaps I just missed it. Maybe I don’t even know about it yet… If you do take it to heart, be sure to e-mail your squabbles and death threats to aidanhenry (at) hotmail (dot) com:).

What are you favourite blogs and why? Are there any others out there that I should be reading?


  1. Mathew Ingram Says:

    Thanks a lot, Aidan. I’m honoured.

  2. Allen Stern Says:

    Thanks for including me with the tops! You have made my day!

  3. Tony Hung Says:

    Thanks for the props Aidan … much appreciated. :)

  4. TechMalaya Says:

    i read r/w web too. the articles are not too much and the contents are very nice.

  5. Favourite Canadian Tech Blogs Says:

    […] For more information about the 3 blogs listed above, visit my older post My Favourite Blogs and Why. Note that Mark Evans no longer blogs at Maple Leaf 2.0, but rather the obvious Mark Evans Tech. […]

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