When Will Twitter Be Acquired?

March 6th, 2008 | Categories: acquisitions, blogs, networks, social media, strategy

[When Will Twitter Be Acquired?] - Place your bets. The Twitter sweepstakes is about to begin…

My instincts tell me that a Twitter acquisition is in the near future. Potential acquisitor? PTwitter logorobably Google. It seems like a perfect fit with Blogger. In addition, the clean, simplistic look and feel of the micro-blogging leader lends itself well with other Google products.

Who knows though… Google may lose the race. But I think it’s only a matter of time before someone swipes this hot property. Yahoo is the obviously second choice. I could even see a bidding war erupt should rumours begin to circulate.

My guess is that the market would be willing to pay a hefty premium at this point in the game. Then again, I would wager that the company has already been approached, but is demanding a ridiculous sum (see “Facebook”). I await in eager anticipation…

So who’s the buyer? What’s the price tag? When will it happen? Any guesses?


  1. Anthony Says:

    I say it won’t be acquired but that they’ll take $10-$20 million in funding and the company will be valued at $50-100 million. It hasn’t reached a mass adoption stage to entice the big companies to write cheques but is developing as a great service as platform to possibly do something with later down the track.

  2. kris Says:

    Well, Google already bought Jaiku…

  3. Aidan Says:

    Hey Kris,

    Good point. I totally forgot about that, although I would wager that Google would be looking at Twitter more for the name and user base than the underlying technology itself.


  4. Mark Evans Says:

    Unless Twitter can come up with a business model, it’s future lies in being acquired by someone looking for a cool brand and traffic. I can’t see Google acquiring it because it owns Jaiku but what about Facebook?

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