SEO Tip #1 - Title Tags

December 18th, 2006 | Categories: SEO, marketing

As part of an ongoing series, I’m going to post SEO strategies that may be used to increase website traffic from search engines. I truly believe that SEO is the most effective way to drive qualified traffic with no marketing budget. Therefore, I present my first post on title tags:

Simply put, title tags are very important. They are an integral part of any SEO campaign. Among other elements on a web page that can contribute to a higher SEO rank, the title tag may very well be the most important. It should be short (i.e. no more than 6-7 words at most) to maximize the keyword density ratio. The first 2-3 words MUST contain your most important keywords and phrases. This contributes to a higher keyword/phrase prominence which is also very important.

However, you may be penalized for ‘keyword spamming’ if you repeat these words more than once.

An interesting debate continues to arise with respect to page title and branding. Should a company include its brand name in the title? From a purely SEO point-of-view, the answer is absolutely not - especially if the company is very young and the brand is not very well-known. The reason is that the brand name isn’t descriptive and does not describe the content of the page. This creates an inconsistency among the theme of the page. However, some experts argue that a generic page title is easily forgettable and that branding is essential. Arguments can be made and justified for both sides. My take is that both can be incorporated if done properly. Nevertheless, as a general rule, I would say that a young company should focus on SEO, and an older company should concentrate on branding. Here is an example that incorporates both elements in a logical manner:

< title >Keywords and Phrases – Company Name< /title>

A dash is a good way to separate the keywords and phrases from the company name without confusing the user.

One final key point to note is in reference to lower-level pages. These are the pages of a website that aren’t given much attention and rank low in terms of importance. Because little effort and energy are put forth in terms of SEO, a descriptive title tag is absolutely essential when dealing with these pages.


  1. Publiseringsløsning Says:

    The Title tag is the most important tag you can use for a website. I agree that if you need to add your brand name, it should come at the end.

  2. Aidan Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself :)

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