Do You Digg Canada?

January 24th, 2007 | Categories: launch, networks, social media, trends, wikis logoIf so, then is the site for you. This Canadian version of its Southern cousin is all about user-contributed news. As the site says, “News 2.0 is all about Canadian user powered news. All the news are submitted and voted by users. Share, discover and promote the news that is important to you!”. Although very similar to Digg, the site takes on a very Canadian feel.

Current front page stories include articles regarding Vancouver and Ontario. Mark Evans referred to the site as the “Great White North Version of Digg”.

Although Digg itself would be impossible to compete against directly, niche news sites and verticals like are changing the game. By taking on a regional subset of Digg’s traffic, is able to not only survive and co-exist, but also develop a more targeted, tight-knit community around Canadian news.

Once again, this is evidence that user-contribution is here to stay. As more and more niche portals, verticals, and communities spur up around this concept, the stronger and more powerful the foundation becomes. is powered by a CMS called Pligg. This Digg-like back-end system is becoming more and more popular around the net. It is being used to power countless verticals and Digg-like sites that not only publish news, but also photos and videos.

Though the web portal is still in its early stages of life, already it is gaining some traction and exposure. For more on the development of the site, visit their blog.

It’s good to see yet another local, Canadian web 2.0 company making waves in the sea that is the new web landscape. Good luck guys.

NOTE: agreed to feature my site if I featured their’s.


  1. slashpix Says:

    As I was exploring Google Trends, I noticed that Canadians search for “digg” the most. Does this mean that Canadians use digg the most?

  2. Aidan Says:


    Yes, it means that Canadians search for “Digg” more than any other nation per capita. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Canada has the highest number of aggregate searches however.


  3. slashpix Says:

    Yeah, I agree with you.

    But it’s strange… Why do you think Canadians search for “Digg” the most?

  4. Aidan Says:

    Perhaps Canadians are more open-minded to democracy, and the concepts of user-contribution and democratic news.

    Wait, I didn’t say that…

  5. Ryan Anderson Says:

    Or, it’s because we’re stuck inside all winter and need something to pass the time…

  6. slashpix Says:

    Aidan, News 2.0 got new design. What do you think about it?

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