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January 25th, 2007 | Categories: VOIP, launch, widgets

Jaxtr logoExpect to see Jaxtr coming to a social network or blog near you… 

Jaxtr is now officially in BETA testing mode. Upon receiving the e-mail last night, I set-up an account and customized my settings. Having said that, I would really like to test the system. So give me a shout. Seriously.

Readers can call me by visiting my Jaxtr page or the embedded Jaxtr widget page I set up.

So what’s so great about the service? Here is the company pitch:

“With the free jaxtr service, you link your phone with your online network to get calls and messages from callers worldwide. You keep your existing phone numbers private and enjoy enhanced control over when and on which phone you receive calls. Plus, you get to call other jaxtr users in 29 countries from your phone without paying international toll charges.”

Jaxtr also proclaims that there is no need for a:

  • Download.
  • Headset.
  • High-speed Internet connection.

I’ve already profiled the company twice: Jaxtr - Beware the Dark Side and Jaxtr May Be BETA Than You Think.

For more information on this embeddable VOIP wonder, visit the Jaxtr FAQ page.


  1. Jake Says:

    You say Jaxtr proclaims no need for a download.
    However, they want me to download a “widget” into
    my profiles on MySpace ?!

    I HATE downloading stuff into my profiles - can
    be a serious security issue …

  2. Aidan Says:


    You’re not downloading a widget into your profile. You simply input a chunk of HTML code and the widget gets displayed. No download needed. No security issues.


  3. Touraj Says:

    Thanks for the post and the response. You are absolutely right, there is no need for a dowload with jaxtr. Also, one can always put their jaxtr URL on their site/email/IM/etc. Mine is


  4. Library clips :: Roundup : msgr, Conduit, Jaxtr (Voice Blast), GotZapp, Subtlety :: March :: 2007 Says:

    […] Jaxtr (Voice Blast) - via a blog widget people can ring the widget number and talk to you live or leave a voicemail, now even the widget owner can leave messages for others to hear…to the list. […]

  5. Tracy Says:

    i wanna talk to someone via Jaxtr but its impossible. how is it possible? I try to call, its passing through but how to reply is the problem. Please help me out.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    have been trying to call a friend by using jaxtr but l couldn’t get through.what happen?.kindly put me through

  7. chealsea Says:

    you said we can call a friend by using jaxtr,have been calling a friend by using jaxtr but l could’t get you know that phone of a friend that l call will be ringing while l will be saying hello and he will not hear me.pls kindly put me through.thanks.

  8. rhe Says:

    This Jaxtr thing is really a problem. I’m beginning to think it’s a big joke. I tried dialling my friends number from my cell phone and it was VERY, VERY expensive, just like making an international call. So far,no one I’ve spoken to has been successful. Since I invited them they keep on emailing me to explain to them how this thing really works since none of them ever get through. I’m beginning to think that it’s just a big hoax…

  9. sinhora moses Says:

    This aint no nice reply coz me too i have really failed to call a friend on the jaxtr,but if there is any successful person who tried it may be he can give us a procedure on how to use it. Thanx

  10. Lindor Reginald Says:

    also I suppose that Jaxtr is a fake and an idiot joke can’t imagine that .I tried to call a friend and even I have no answer it cost me a lot credit more than regullar call .

  11. dinnu9 Says:

    i need jaxtr

  12. annah Says:

    ths jaxtr thing is nt working,help pliz

  13. Eugene Says:

    It is real joke, proof: during verification call from Jaxtr, they ask you to key in your phone the requested 2 digit numbers that they assigned in you account. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KEY IN 2 DIGIT NUMBERS ONLY either you will add the “#” sign or the “call” sign in you mobile phone after the 2 digit numbers, so that it will send a message back to the your service provider and to back to JAXTR.

    For verification, please DO NOT KEY IN the requested 2 digits. And it will prompt that you have successfully key in the 2 digit number.

    The scam is (my speculation only) gathering email/s with password!

    I do suggest is to create/use your “fake” account (free accounts like yahoo, google, msn etc.) to check this(JAXTRX) if it is really working.

  14. Eugene Says:

    If you give your true email with password. Please change it immediately…

  15. praveen Says:

    im not able to mk the calls using jaxtr.. could u plz help me or guide me on how to make calls?

  16. Charmaine Says:

    5:25 am

    i need a step by step procedure to make calls using jaxtr…anyone who can help? Pls itemize steps. I dont want to be more desperate. Thanx!

  17. Dave Says:

    it seems that no one reads before they say PLEASE HELP ME I CAN’T MAKE THE CALL. People i must agree i teted the SCAM…did not link by address book, used a limited credit on the phone and guess what………that’s right IT DID NOT WORK. So stop giving some wack job your info.

  18. sam majesi Says:

    hey, jxtr seems not to be working. any help?

  19. user Says:

    i have used it and it worked for me…
    it takes some configuring though.. I dont believe it’s a scam. I have called from USA to Nigeria. first off, if your country isn’t supported yet (check the support page), then it will be expensive for you. second, i have been in touch with their support via email and they seem legit.
    if you’re worried about email scam, then just don’t give ur email password, that’s not required, u can manually invite others to use it.
    you have to make sure that you and your friends approve of each other, so the calls go through, otherwise it takes you right to voicemail.
    you do this under the ‘calls’ tab under the filter icon. or you can uncheck the ‘privacyshield’ box.

    hope this helps..
    I haven’t found it to be a scam yet.. still testing it out and doing research, but seems fine.

  20. Satheesh Says:

    What Eugene said is very very true. Register into Jaxtr with your mail id and you will start getting scam mails into ur mail box, like you have lottery etc etc. Anyone experiencing this problem?

  21. harshit Says:

    please tell me ,hoe can i urse jaxt

  22. prashant Says:

    batao please

  23. sam Says:

    jextr is fake fake fake…tried calling freinds in usa from usa just to check the validity,it goes straight in voice box.nobody has ever got a call thru.its fake.

  24. sunil Says:

    hi, i think most of us think its just fake, actually i don’t know whether its fake r true, but i m not able to make call thats true.. i typed the internationalnum what they tell local num, but it charged me arnd 6rs(indian currency). if nayone successfully called from jaxtr without ur balance been deducted pls reply to me…

  25. INDIAN Says:

    now jaxtr is not showing the ‘CALL ME FREE ‘ button!does anyone knows why its is like that?it beacame like that on 4th of april i think!i was talking about jaxtr to my friends and when they where all about to join jaxtr this thing happend!now they all are disappointed!kindly if anyone knows how to fix this please kindly tell me !at [email protected]

  26. ray Says:


    call me

  27. aftab Says:


    I sign up but I don’t know how to call. Can any one help me?


  28. aftab Says:

    It’s very helpful for everyone if anyone can post all procedure step by step from sign up to call anyone free.

    If there is any kind-hearted person who knows all I want to make an extreme request to post it.

    Sorry for my ignorance.


  29. mak Says:

    hello sir i am mak i forget my jaxtr id password. i have dont have email address for that jaxtr id

    but i have username and email….
    username ;; SONYMOBILE
    mail…………. [email protected]

    PLZ ..

  30. mak Says:

    MY EMAIL IS [email protected]

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  31. mak Says:

    PLZ SORRY Could not be estabilesed …try after some time

    can i do anything for this error plz tell me on my email

    [email protected]

  32. rabia Says:


    I sign up but I don’t know how to call. Can any one help me?


  33. Anonymous Says:

    rabia tell me ur number i will call u for ur help! 100% guaranteed

  34. Diya Khan Says:

    Hey i registerd n made calls…but now i dont know how i get jax…can u plz tel me…..

  35. javaid Says:

    hi, i think most of us think its just fake, actually i don’t know whether its fake r true, but i m not able to make call thats true..





  38. Anonymous Says:

    they charge me for the same purchase every chance they get!!!!!!

  39. Andy Says:

    It was working very nicely to call India for FREE but it suddenly stopped working on about 10th May,09.

    Now in the free connect list on Jaxtr I dont see India listed anymore.

    May be the problem is that I paid money to buy the jaxmoney so sometimes I can call other countries which are not for free and NOW Jaxtr wants me to use up the balance I have in my account.

  40. cool Says:


    I’m from SL and i have a mobitel connection.Can someone pls tell me how the calling charges would happen for the following scenario?
    Lets say i want to talk to a friend in India. Then is it worth calling using jaxtr or directly using mobitel IDD facilities?Because if i call using mobitell IDD it will cost me 7 rupees (IDD Charges are billed on a per second basis ) Will it cost less if i use jaxtr?


  41. inzamam Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii how r u

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