When Will Yahoo Achieve a PageRank of 10?

April 4th, 2007 | Categories: SEO, networks, off topic, social media, widgets

Yahoo logoWhen you think of the top Internet brands, Yahoo is almost certainly one of the first to pop into your mind. After all, this search engine giant has withstood the test of time and prospered. Furthermore, it is ranked #1 in the world by Alexa in terms of traffic. So why hasn’t this web goliath been able to achieve a Google PageRank of 10 yet?

Now, I love conspiracy theories. And although I do not believe this is a conspiracy, let’s explore the possibility that Google is blocking Yahoo from achieving a PageRank 10. What does Google have to gain from this potential move? Perhaps, more credibility as a search engine and the perception of a more useful search tool (based on the number of back-links). Nah, I don’t buy this…

So let’s move on… Why do Macromedia, Adobe, and Real all have PageRank 10, but not Yahoo? I pondered this question for a long time. Then it hit me - plug-ins. A lot of website link to these three giants for plug-in downloads and updates (i.e. Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, and Real Player). The story behind Google’s PageRank of 10 is also similar. A lot of website publishers embed the Google search tool within their site. For this reason, back-links are extensive. Yahoo is not known for this.

Yahoo needs to create some amazingly revolutionary widget so that everyone embeds it on their site and Yahoo can finally reach this final platform. JUST KIDDING. To be honest, PageRank doesn’t mean a whole lot. It is a subjective number created by Google that many swear by. Others yawn at its presence. My guess is that Yahoo will hit this mark soon enough. Moreover, I don’t think anyone has paid this much attention to such a small thing as I. But that’s just me.

What’s really interesting is the PageRank scale itself. Though most people assume it ranges from 1 to 10, I’ve heard that it may extend beyond the upper limit. However, due to its logarithmic nature, no site has come close to achieving the next level as of yet. But who knows? Maybe Google will get to 11 before Yahoo gets to 10.

Every time I visit the Yahoo homepage, I check my Alexa toolbar. Maybe one day that infamous rectangle will be full of green…

Note: Hopefully my Yahoo links above will push it over the top… unlikely.


  1. Printer Says:

    That’s funny that you mention Yahoo not achieving a pagerank of 10, I’ve noticed that too.
    As far as Alexa goes, th

  2. Printer Says:

    Sorry about that. As I was saying, as far as Alexa goes; it just shows how wrong that site is. Yahoo is ranked first, MSN second and Google third? Anyone who looks at their weblogs knows that Google is king. There is no way Google isn’t first.

    If you check your websites Alexa rankings the first time, then keep checking them. In a very short time your Alexa Rank will jump just because you keep going there.

  3. Trenton Says:

    I’m surprised to read how quick you are to dismiss the importance of page rank! I believe you were the first person that told me that how high you appear in the search results is contingent upon, among other things, page rank. You can’t even get indexed if you don’t have a page rank at all, meaning no backlinks. As well, I’m not sure if I agree that page rank is inherently subjective. It seems to be based on a very objective logarithmic formula that just happens to be entirely nebulous to most people.

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  5. Scrivs Says:

    If my memory serves me they used to be a 10 and a little while ago got demoted to a 9.

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