Web 2.0 Start-Up Roundup

April 5th, 2007 | Categories: blogs, launch, marketing, markets, networks, social media, video, widgets, wikis

I would like to profile a few interesting web 2.0 start-ups I have come across over the past month or so (in no particular order):

ZipLocal (www.ziplocal.com)

ZipLocal is a new hyper-local search directory, focused initially on the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal with future plans to expand to 45 metropolitan markets across Canada. The service aims to be a user-powered next-generation local directory that will provide a rich, self-defined experience. Essentially, the site provides directory-based listings, plus rich community-level search. The data itself is being pulled from existing directory databases. Expect new features, such as tagging, to be added in the coming months.

CrispyBlogPosts (www.crispyblogposts.com)

CrispyBlogPosts is essentially a social bookmarking site strictly for blog posts. The site allows you to share, rate and discover the best blog posts on the net. You can also submit a blog post, create a new channel, and view popular content. Kudos for the clean, slick interface.

VBS TV (www.vbs.tv)

VBS TV is a new broadband television network (IPTV), creatively directed by Spike Jonze. The site streams free VICE-produced content that is updated daily. The service claims to use an advanced video player technology to optimize the viewing experience. Content covered on the site ranges from heavy domestic and international news, to underground cultural coverage, to music, and more. All content is available on-demand and enabled for sharing and embedding.

AutoRoll (http://widget.criteo.com)

AutoRoll is a widget that showcases the blogroll of your readers. In essence, it displays links to blogs your readers are visiting the most often. The service traces the number of visits of each unique reader on each blog that has installed AutoRoll. The more often a reader visits a specific blog, the greater his affinity is with this blog. The benefit to the publisher is highly qualified incoming traffic from other blogs, as well as a useful, pertinent blogroll. 

SeekSift (www.seeksift.com)

SeekSift is a simple way to personalize and track syndicated web content. The service only tracks up-to-date information on local events, travel deals, job listings, and your blogs (to name a few). Content can be accessed via an RSS, e-mail, or both. The service is free.

Clipperz (www.clipperz.com)

Clipperz is an easy way to store and manage your passwords and credentials online. But it is more than a password manager. Not only does it simplify the sign-in process across numerous sites by remembering your user names and passwords, but it also protects confidential and private information. The service is free and completely anonymous (no e-mail is required).


  1. John Henry Says:

    the best web 2.0 startup is http://www.facebook.com

    it incorporates everything that makes web 2.0 so exciting!

  2. Tara Says:

    An alternative to Clipperz is PassPack (https://www.passpack.com). In addition to what clipperz offers, we also have an anti-phishing mechanism - very important so you don’t “accidentally” give away the master password to … well, you’re entire online life.

    Also, it’s not just for passwords, you can store registration numbers, software keys, codes, passport number, frequent flyers, your fed-ex account number, notes and even just private links… you name it.

    PassPack helps you keep it all organized, and you can easily tag and find your stuff.

    Of course, PassPack is free, available online 24/7 and totally anonymous (no email requested).

    I hope you’ll give it a try. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers,
    Tara Kelly
    Founding Partner
    PassPack Free Online Password Manager

  3. Emmie Says:

    Those were some real good tips. I found crispyblogposts quite helpful.Damn cool social bookmarking site. Thank you so much for sharing the great finds.:)

  4. Brandon Watts Says:

    I’m glad to see that you’ve found AutoRoll to be an interesting Web 2.0 tool, Aidan! Highly qualified incoming traffic is something that every content publisher wants, and as you mentioned, AutoRoll helps to provide it.

    Brandon Watts
    Criteo Evangelist

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