Tutorz.com Brings Vertical Search to the Tutor Industry

May 30th, 2007 | Categories: launch, markets, networks, strategy

Tutorz.com hopes to simplify the process of finding a tutor. The service is tailored for both students and parents. The site claims to have a directory of over 9,000 tutors, who pay nothing to post their profile. For this reason, I believe that the revenue model can be summed up in two words: Google Adwords.

Each search query comprises two elements - the subject and region. Examples include:

  • Math - Phoenix, Arizona
  • Biology - Dallas
  • Literature - 08647

The interface and layout are fairly clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use. The company logo could use some work, but the concept is strong.

Setting Tutorz aside for a second, the notions of ‘local’ and ‘vertical search’ work together in a very relevant, pertinent manner. I expect to see more of this in the near future. ZipLocal is a very good Canadian example of this.

Vertical search is extremely similar to specialized directories, if you can imagine that for a second. The only difference is the method of discovery for the user. In one case, the user browses for a particular product or service. In the other case, a search is performed. In other words, vertical search isn’t entirely re-inventing the wheel, but perhaps making it easier and saving time for the user. 


  1. Ron Shasta Says:

    I’ve come across a number of online tutoring websites (e.g. tutor.com, homeworkhelp.com, tutoreasy.com, http://www.schooltrainer.com, etc.). Has anyone prepared a comparison of the various companies (pricing, quality, etc.)?

  2. Aidan Says:


    I haven’t seen a comparison yet, but I’m sure that a quick Google search would bring up a relevant result.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Dirk Says:

    Hi Ron and Aidan,

    I am a Tutorz.com employee, so I am naturally a bit biased, but I still’d like to address your question. Tutorz.com is a tutor referral site, it doesn’t offer online tutoring. That is left to the sites you mentinoned above.

    Given Tutorz’ focus on referral we are planning to include such a site comparison feature. Do you have any specific suggestions for us?


  4. M Says:

    Just attempted registering with tutorz and the database instruction to insert my information didn’t work at all. the page returned with the exact instruction listed, explaining that it failed. that’s not a serious outfit.

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