Wednesday was Acquisition Day

May 31st, 2007 | Categories: acquisitions, markets, networks, social media, strategy

Yesterday proved to be a big day in the web 2.0 world, as two of the biggest names were scooped up by two of the Internet’s heavyweights. Here is a recap of the day’s events:

It will be interesting to see what CBS and eBay planned to do with their new purchases and/or how they plan to integrate them with currents services.

I have to yet to grasp a good understanding of how these takeovers play a role in the grand scheme of things for both companies, but my mind is churning through the possibilities. In any case, there is always the potential to simply let the service or site live on its own. This model is more from an ‘investment’ approach for the company with the prospect of generating revenue in the future via the external, mutually-exclusive property. Another possibility is the re-sale of the site/service to a willing party at a later date for a greater dollar value, creating a reasonable ROI.

My hope is that the brand power and ‘corporate’ atmosphere of these giants don’t disrupt and ruin the communities built by these web 2.0 gems. Their tight cultures are what make them so special. Destroying those synergies would, in essence, destroy their very nature and DNA.

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