Couchville - Traditional TV Meets Web 2.0

August 22nd, 2007 | Categories: AJAX, launch, off topic, social media

Couchville logoI’ve seen my fair share of useless web 2.0 start-ups lately. Give me something I can actually use. Couchville is that something. It is very rare and refreshing when a new service comes along and surprises with a stunning experience.

I had no expectations from a service that offers TV listings. After all, TV is so old school, right? Wrong. Couchville has done an excellent job of incorporating new-web technology with traditional media to create a wonderful experience. Couchville quietly launched in February 2007. Only recently has it come to my attention. Simply put, Couchville offers dead simple TV listings - and I mean that.

When you hit the site, you are prompted to enter postal code (or zip code) and your satellite/cable provider to create a personalized grid.

The viewing experience is phenomenal. An uncluttered, intuitive interface displays only the necessary functionality without any useless features. The AJAX viewing grid can smoothly be dragged to a desired viewing period without the need for a page refresh. Your arrow keys can also be used to navigate through channels. An explicit red time bar clearly indicates current TV listings in your area. Surprisingly, only a few subtle text ads appear on the page.

Click here for a full screenshot: Couchville screenshot.

Here are some of the other useful features offered:

  • Users can hide channels they don’t want to see, creating a customized viewing experience.
  • An AJAX calendar function allows you to quickly and easily viewing listings for other days or months. 
  • Users can add shows to their favourites for easy tracking.
  • A buzz chart tracks what is hot from the previous week.
  • The site provides background info and descriptions for each show, as well as a permanent link for easy access.
  • The search function autocompletes your query, requiring you to only type a few letters.
  • A drop-down menu quickly allows you to jump to any channel.

I was actually surprised at how fast the site operated as well. Kudos to the Couchville team. I guess I just can’t say enough good things about the service. I would highly recommend that anyone who checks TV listings check out Couchville. You will not be disappointed.

Couchville has succeeded at doing ONE thing very well - that being TV listings, obviously. Their strategic focus must be applauded. Too many companies have been caught trying to be everything to everyone. These companies got killed.


  1. Festool Sanders Says:

    Now that Google has brought the neton TV, the Traditional TV is a misnomer.

  2. Salt Tablets Says:

    In the world of the internet, the Traditional TV is a relic.

  3. Carpet UK Says:

    The world has come a long way from the “plain-as-jane” TV.

  4. Beds UK Says:

    TVs like Radios are a thing of the past.

  5. Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing Says:

    TVs analogically speaking are akin to what the horse as a travelling mode is to the automobile.

  6. Umrah Says:

    Every thought and every idea has its time and place. TVs did occupy prime pride of place only some years ago.

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