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January 28th, 2008 | Categories: launch, marketing, networks, off topic

Now is the time and place to tell MappingTheWeb readers about your company or start-up. In response to being bombarded with countless e-mails and press releases, I am opening the floor to everyone. For once, shameless plugs and self-fulfilling promotions are encouraged.

So, if you are interested in telling the world about your company, start-up, project, or initiative, please do so in the comments. Also, be sure to check out the other companies :)


  1. Andrew Baisley Says:

    ROO Group: The ROO proprietary platform, content management system and world-class syndicated content library enables web site publishers to organize video content, target advertising, engage audiences and maximize views.

    For more information visit or e-mail Andrew Baisley, manager of business development, at [email protected].

    We work with best in class, global publishers through our offices in New York, London, Melbourne and Dubai.

  2. Tony Says:

    Just because you’ve asked, Aidan ;)

    I’ve been working with a Toronto based startup - GigPark.

    Say you’re looking for a real estate agent. GigPark allows you to easily check out recommendations from your friends and from the friends of your friends to find an agent that best suits your needs. If you can’t find one, you can ask your friends for a recommendation through GigPark.

    It’s still in limited-beta-must-be-invited-to-join-2.0 type of stage, but we’ve _just_ released a Facebook application to interface with most of the existing website, and that instantly gets you in. There’re more details on the company blog.

  3. Joe Rawlinson Says:

    Family Says is a private family website service where you can share your latest family news, pictures, videos, events, and more.

    Family Says is simple to use so your parents or even grandparents can join in the conversation. By password protecting your family’s site, you can rest assured that random people won’t be privy to all your family’s pictures and news.

    You can try Family Says free for 30 days, just visit to sign up today.

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