Northern Voice 2008

February 4th, 2008 | Categories: blogs, marketing, networks, off topic, social media

Northern Voice 2008It’s almost that time of year again. On February 22 and 23, Northern Voice will take center stage in Vancouver. Known as Canada’s blogging conference, the annual event has been bringing bloggers and technology enthusiasts together since 2005. 

Though marketed as a “conference”, participants prefer to refer to it as an “un-conference” - where accessibility and open discussions encouraged. Well-known former attendees include the likes of Robert Scoble, Anil Dash, and Tim Bray.

I had the pleasure of attending this wonderful event last year and it was a blast. I met many new faces and reconnected with some old ones. Plus, you can’t beat the price. Registration is only $40 per day, or $60 for both - a steal in the world of conferences. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year, as I have a family reunion happening at the same time.

In any case, I highly encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in blogging, web 2.0, social media, and technology in general to register for this event. Did I mention there is a pre-conference party on the 21st?… ;)


  1. Jeffrey Keefer Says:

    I am attending again and will be speaking at Internet Bootcampt about liveblogging.

    Will you be there?

  2. Aidan Says:


    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend. I have a family reunion going on at the same time. I’m sure it will be a blast though. Let me know how it goes.


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