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February 6th, 2008 | Categories: off topic, social media

Question MarkFor this post, I’m asking readers to pose me a question in the comments. It can pertain to web trends, new technologies, predictions, or even a specific company. It will be an opportunity to get my opinion on a certain topic or matter. This will create an interactive form of content.

The benefit for the reader posing the question is this: if I find the question interesting and post about it, I will provide exposure and a back-link to your blog or website. I likely won’t answer all questions, so be sure that yours is interesting and thought-provoking. I eagerly await what people would like me to post about.

So… I encourage you all to develop meaningful questions and add them to the comments :)


  1. Travis Vocino Says:

    I’m interested in hearing your take on the independent video network systems and the communities there in (e.g. a

    Where once there was a large movement away from being “broadcast to” because of the internet’s inherent on-demand abilities, now there seems to be a slight pull back. These new companies are starting to offer communities centered around their content and bringing them together while watching the same piece at the same time. For example, a live feed with chat or interactive capabilities.

    I think this is in response to the feeling of watching a lot of this content in a void rather than the specific during-phone-call or afterwards-watercooler-chat of the old broadcast days. Not only do we want our content when we want it with a focus on the specific longtail niches, we also want to utilize that content in order to find a community based around that niche.

    On a more broad sense, what are your opinions on the indie video network scene, its evolution and the social communities surrounding them. What interesting technologies/concepts do you think may be employed?



  2. Gavin Says:

    I am interested in what you think about location-based advertising, and its prominence going forward? Do you think it will succeed?

  3. Mark Evans Says:

    What’s your take on the effectiveness of Facebook apps as a branding/marketing tool?

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