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February 26th, 2008 | Categories: off topic

As most of you know, I haven`t written a blog post in almost two weeks, which is highly uncharacteristic of me. What most of you probably don`t know is that my life has changed quite a bit in the past week and a half.

While on a family reunion in Mexico, I hit my head on the ocean floor during a diving accident. My head snapped forward and I cracked my C2 vetebrae. Fortunately, I was able to make it to shore where I went into shock and fell unconscious for several minutes. I woke up on a spinal board on my way to the ambulance…

To make a long story short, I took two ambulance rides to two hospitals. I had CT scans, MRIs, numerous X-rays, blood test, electrocardiograms, etc… I spent two days in ICU and one in recovery. In the end, they (luckily) found no internal bleeding on the brain. I simply had a swollen neck and a cracked disc.

Today, I am counting my blessings. Though I am in a full neck brace for several months, I am able to walk and move all parts of my body. Most are not so fortunate after such an accident. Rehabilitation is necessary, but it is the least of my worries. My changed lifestyle, which includes very little physical activity and a lot of rest, is what lies ahead. In any case, I feel very fortunate to be where I am and I would like to thank everyone for their continuing support and encouragement. I`m anxious to make a full comeback to blogging in the next week or so, so watch for new posts.

In closing, people have been asking me what they can do or how they can help. I say this: tell your family and friends you love them. You never know what tomorrow may bring. What you take for granted now may not be there tomorrow.


  1. Gavin Says:

    Wow, that is very scary. Hope you get well soon!

  2. Anthony Says:


    Wow glad to hear that you made out alright!! It’s amazing how quick something can happen.

    All the best in the recovery and get back to %100..


  3. Thomas Says:

    Glad to know that you’re going to recover. Take care and keep counting the good fortunes…it could have been much worse!
    Get well soon!;-)

  4. Rian Says:

    Wow, that’s a shock to hear about! That must have been really scary, glad you’re ok Aidan! Good luck on your road to recovery.

  5. Jarrod Says:

    thats INSANE! Prayers for you, man. Get better.

  6. Ira Says:

    Wow, crazy story. Glad to hear you are okay (and at least have more time to blog)!

  7. William Pramana Says:

    So sorry to hear that news Aidan. I’m glad to hear you’re okay, I hope you get well soon.

  8. Jeffrey Keefer Says:

    My best to you for your accident and speedy recovery. Amazing how some events sober us and sensitize us in unexpected ways. Not sure how much you are able to get around or work, but perhaps you can take some consolation in using a blog or the like for reflection and to help inspire others who are also struggling?

  9. Robin Yap Says:

    Sorry to hear the news Aidan, but knowing you, you’ll bounce back in no time. Your blog family will be here to support you. Accidents like this do provide us with a life perspective that may not always be apparent. It’s good to hear that you are ok and onto recovery. Get well soon ~

  10. Shankar Says:

    I was touched by your words

    “tell your family and friends you love them. You never know what tomorrow may bring. What you take for granted now may not be there tomorrow.”

    Thanks for those words and god bless you for a faster and full recovery.

  11. Mark Evans Says:

    Get well, Aidan!

  12. Jeff Ward Says:

    So sorry to hear this news. Well if you need anybody to bring over some fast food. I’m your guy! Get well soon brotha.

  13. Rob Says:

    Hey Aidan - Just read this today. Get well soon, Rob.

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