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April 17th, 2008 | Categories: blogs, marketing, networks, social media, strategy, trends, web issues

Almost every blog has a blogroll. It is the notable list of links to other blogs that the author finds interesting and/or valuable. Most bloggers find it easy to add blogs to the list. But for some political reason, many find it hard to delete such links as they want to steer clear of potential tension created with the affected party.

Further cementing the blogosphere as an incestuous pool of diplomats, bloggers continue to put emphasis on status rather than content. Often, a blogger may add a given blog to their blogroll, not because of the content, but rather to associate themselves with a popular entity. They believe that this association builds credibility and may ultimately lead to similar success.

My belief is that big blogs will pay attention to you if you write good content, not because you link to them. Content rules the land, although many believe that flattery is a more productive tactic.

In the end, this all leads back to blogroll politics. Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but I think it’s a sensitive spot that no-one likes to touch on. Personally, I love being added to a blogroll. I think it validates the legitimacy of my content and provides added reach. I also don’t mind being deleting from a blogroll, as it means I may be out of touch with my readers/content and I need to re-focus and re-establish my priorities. I treat it like a wake-up call.

So, next time you’re logged into your blog admin dashboard, I encourage you to revamp your blogroll. Add a few… delete a few. Determine what you actually read from who you want to be associated with. After all, content is more important than status.

I dare everyone to delete at least one blog from your blogroll… or are you afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?


  1. Concerned!@ Says:

    Are you running out of things to write about? This comes off a bit too highschool… almost “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game” in it’s level of sillyness

  2. Aidan Says:

    No, I just think that your blogroll should mirror your thoughts and beliefs, and that too many blogs get caught up in politics rather than focus on the content.


  3. Josh Says:

    I avoid this sticky problem by simply not having a blogroll. I tend to link to specific posts from blogs, not the overall blog itself.

  4. kadavy Says:

    I’ve had trouble with the blog roll politics, too. Particularly when a personal friend adds me to their blog roll - and their content isn’t relevant to my readers - I tend to feel obligated to add them. So I end up neglecting the blog roll entirely.

    I like your idea of adding and deleting regularly, and it seems to be more fitting with the name blog “roll.” But it makes me question whether blog rolls are very relevant anymore. Maybe it’s better to just have your links listed?

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