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August 27th, 2007 | Categories: AJAX, launch, marketing, networks, social media, strategy, video

Digg logoThis evening, Digg launched an all new interface. The new design is even more clear and intuitive than before. Some of the changes include:

  • The ability to view both news and videos on a single page. This is due to feedback received indicating a high interest in videos.
  • Tweaks to the page and story summary layouts.
  • Streamlined navigation.
  • Increased customization options.
  • Simple one-click bury with no explanation needed.

All in all, small cosmetics changes such as added icons, new colour palettes, and shuffled page elements add to the overall clean experience. The service description has moved from the right sidebar to the main navigation column. This provides more concise site messaging for new visitors, as well as a clear call-to-action for potential new users (i.e. Join now). As a side note, Digg continues to minimize page views by maximizing AJAX functionality.

From a more broad prespective, I think Digg is trying to bring the service mainstream. The dead simple navigation and clear messaging indicate a marketing push to regular folk. That being said, it also appears as though Digg is making a big push toward monetization. A very large, prominent inline rectangle ad is now visible on the home page. Article pages are also riddled with two ads - both a leaderboard and an inline rectangle ad. It will be interested to see how the Digg community reacts to such changes.

From an initial glance, I really like the new changes. Digg has done a really good job of simplifying the experience, yet adding functionality. Such a counterintuitive feat can only be the result of brilliance. Kudos to the Digg team.


  1. Chris24 Says:

    While I’m not a big fan of the new Digg “plasticy” interface, I do like the look of the new profiles. The new profiles look GREAT!

  2. Festool Sanders Says:

    Digg does provide a wider perspective to consider and is ergo, so popular.

  3. Salt Tablets Says:

    Digg has a definite advantage over other blogging sites in its innovative spirit.

  4. Carpet UK Says:

    Digg does have a definite advantage over its competitors, if only because of the interest it generates and the information it shares.

  5. Louisiana Deep Sea Fishing Says:

    Digg has maintaineed its standard for so long now, it has acquired a goodwill all its own.

  6. Umrah Says:

    Digg has been a breath of fresh air in analysis and perceptive understanding of the issues it covers.

  7. Siva Says:

    Digg changes their UI again. The new UI has lot of changes from the old one.

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