Who Will Still Be Dominating in 5 Years?

January 15th, 2008 | Categories: acquisitions, launch, marketing, markets, networks, search, social media, strategy, trends

Looking ahead to 2013, I wonder who will still be around (and thriving) in the online world. Obviously, the major players (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon) come to mind initially. Will this be the case? It is hard to say. But I can’t see any of those names dropping off the radar in an abrupt, dramatic fall. An acquisition, however, may eradicate one of those names from the list.

From a more interesting and debatable perspective, which current start-ups may become the major players of tomorrow?

Twitter? Joost? Pownce? Mahalo? Tumblr? Who are the true “game-changers”?

I could share my picks, but I’d rather hear yours… Keep in mind that we’re thinking about long-term sucess, not short-term hype.


  1. Mark Evans Says:

    In addition to the ones above, I would add MySpace, Facebook, NetFlix, Apple (iTunes, iMovie), and probably a few companies that are still being built in someone’s basement right now.

  2. Tomahawk Says:

    I could see Photophlow, making some waves

  3. Causalien Says:

    I believe Flickr will become the dominant player in online photosharing.

  4. Friedbeef Says:

    Facebook. Unless open social kills it :)

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