Local Victoria Tech Scene Heating Up

March 13th, 2008 | Categories: launch, marketing, markets, social media, trends

Like I say, the local Victoria tech scene is really starting to heat up, especially in the pure-play Internet space. Historically, Victoria has had very few players in this space, but more and more seem to be popping up on a regular basis. This recent surge is creating a strong sense of community within the the tech region. Another byproduct of this phenomenon is an increasing number of tech events and groups, providing entrepreneurs the ability to share valuable knowledge and resources.

A few of the start-ups that are paving the way in the Victoria pure-play Internet space include:

  • DailySplice - Personalized, daily podcast radio.
  • Indochino - Affordable, tailored men’s suits online.
  • Teampages - Simplified team and league management tools for sports.
  • Oprius - Web-based application suite for network marketers.

Two other early-stage players include Zumer and Utilium (both in private Beta) .

I look forward to watching the local tech community grow and prosper. My guess is that we’ve only seen the beginning and we can expect much more to come.

Disclosure: I am on the board of advisors for DailySplice and I have done consulting or informal advising for all the companies listed above.


  1. Owen Says:

    Another, although not a pure internet play, is CellMap. The founder started in Victoria, but only recently moved to Vancouver. Regardless it is another example of yet another tech company spinning out of Victoria.


  2. Rian Says:

    I’m loving the Internet scene in Victoria, there is a ton of world class talent and expertise, but since its a pretty small community everyone knows each other and helps each other out. We’re newcomers, so I just thought this is how it’s always been.

    I’ve been over in Vancouver about once a week lately and people keep telling me we have to move there. But to be honest I think Victoria is 10 times the city to have startup than is Vancouver.

    Also note that most, if not all of the above mentioned companies are either run by recent grads from UVic Business or have strong ties to UVic Business, in particular the Entrepreneurship program.

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  5. Paul Says:


    I am trying to get ‘into’ the tech scene in Victoria. While I have read about most of these companies online, I have found it challenging to actually meet the people. What events, etc. do you recommend. Send me an email if you want: paul (at) thoughtless (dot) ca

  6. Rian Says:

    Hey Paul, nice to meet you. We’re kind of new around here too. Every once in a while we’ve all been getting together for lunch and there are also a whole bunch of other opportunities to network. Send us an email to info [at] dailysplice and next time we do lunch I’ll be sure to make sure someone lets you know. See you then!

  7. Aidan Says:


    To follow up on Rian’s message, there are many local events and groups that you may be interested in. Here are a few:

    Better Web Posse: http://www.betterwebposse.com/
    VIATec: http://www.viatec.ca
    DemoCamp Victoria: http://barcamp.org/DemoCampVictoria

    These are in addition to the monthly web entrepreneur’s lunch Rian mentioned. There are also more niche groups (i.e. graphics, green technology, etc…).

    If you would like further info, just e-mail me. My address is in the sidebar. Thanks.


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