E.T., iPhone Home…

January 10th, 2007 | Categories: launch, marketing, social media

Apple logoMan, is it just me or has this iPhone frenzy gotten a little out of hand?

Heck, even E.T. has probably heard of the goddamn thing by now. From a more earthly perspective, it seems that everyone has already been acquainted with the new Apple iPhone. Yes, it is sexy as hell, but I’d still take Jessica Alba any day.

In the last day or so, I’ve read about a bajillion posts hyping this mobile device. Yes, yes, I know it’s sweet, but wipe that drool off your lap. Is this truly the next killer mobile device?

When the Motorola Razr hit the market, every teen and twenty-something wanted their hands on one. The craze quickly sputtered out. My guess is that this iPhone launch will dwarf the launch of any mobile device to date - by far.

I’m not even going to outline the features and functionality as everyone else already has, a dozen times over. Check out the official iPhone site or the links below for more info.

What’s next? Maybe Steve Jobs will be knighted? But don’t expect an announcement until the day of…

NOTE: To further support my theory of an over-exaggerated reaction by the blogosphere, read more about the iPhone launch here, here, here, here, here, here, here… plus, there’s many, many more that I didn’t even care to mention. I’m not even joking.


  1. Mark Evans Says:

    One thing that has been lost in the conversation - other than a post I did earlier this week…:) - is how the Motorola Q has failed to meet expectations. You make a good point about how everyone has fallen over themselves to worship the iPhone but it is pretty cool!


  2. Aidan Says:


    My guess is that the Motorola Q and other cell phones will fail to meet expectations again in the near future, as the iPhone suffocates the market. Obviously, I’m over-exaggerating, but there is some truth to the statement.

    All bow to thy holy iPhone!


  3. Apple iPhone - It’s Official! Says:

    […] And the best Apple quote of the day goes to Aidan Henry who wisely admits: “Yes, it is sexy as hell, but I’d still take Jessica Alba any day.” Tagged as: Apple, iPhone, Apple phone, Apple iPhone Email this post […]

  4. Owen Says:

    A great phone for those who want the best.

    It looks like they didn’t have full rights to the name though. Be interesting to see what happens with this:

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