Web 2.0 Needs To Be About the Benefits

November 28th, 2007 | Categories: VOIP, networks, social media, trends, widgets, wikis

I’ve written several articles about the problems that web 2.0 is facing if it is looking to break into the mainstream. A small number of companies, most notably Facebook, are doing a good job of ushering in these technologies without scaring regular folk with complicated terminology.

So what’s the next step?

Let’s talk benefits, not technologies. Once the benefits are apparent, the ‘intimidation factor’ of web 2.0 terms will be eliminated. Subsequently, non-savvy users will be more likely to adopt the technologies and take advantage of their potential.

In other words, tell me how I can:

  • Make cheaper phone calls. Don’t tell me about VOIP.
  • Create my own personalized channel of content. Don’t tell me about RSS.
  • Collaborate on projects or documents with colleagues. Don’t tell me about wikis.
  • Add functionality to my blog or website without any technical knowledge. Don’t tell me about widgets.

Like I say, people will eventually acknowledge the terms, but for now, the benefits are what need to come to the forefront. Once this can be accomplished, useful web 2.0 sites can climb into the spotlight and showcase their value.

An interesting point to note is that a large number of Internet users are already taking advantages of these web 2.0 technologies and they don’t even know it.


  1. Nelson Design Studios Says:

    Oh man did you ever hit the nail on the head here! I just had this conversation with the partners at my agency. I have been working on a complete re-design for about 4 months now and some of the sub navigation was getting pretty bulky so I tried to explain how I would use an accordian widget to condense it and make it easier for the user and create a less cluttered look to the page.

    It wasn’t until I got to the end part where I talked about the user experience and the look in terms of benefits that anyone understood what I was talking about!

    Speaking in client benefit is definitely the key to the hearts and minds of the less techie decision makers out there.

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  3. King Tut Says:

    Good article. I like.

    But, it’s COOL to use crazy terms like AJAX. Makes you sound all important and smart.

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  5. Will Pate Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I think you’ll see I had this in mind when I did the copy for an upgrade and a launch this week for ConceptShare :)

  6. Tony Dean Says:

    The Web 2.0 caught my eye there and I have to say that the web is coming of age technically speaking. We can now do more with the technology than say, five years ago.
    You mention RSS Feeds. I have developed feeds now with the latest technology to put images and photo’s and colored text and different fonts in the rss feed to make them more attractive to readers of feeds, leading to a greater ‘click-thru’ rate to the items listed.

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  8. daksh Says:

    Excellent.. wonderful ..

    I am thinking of some more

  9. David Gillespie Says:

    Great stuff Aiden! Very handy.

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